Mossy Cowl Pattern Class

Learn to Knit the Mossy Cowl Knitting Pattern in this online class. This class takes you step-by-step through each step of creating this mossy cowl. PDF of the pattern is also included.

This class teaches you how to knit the mossy cowl pattern, create buttonholes, add buttons, and it also covers another way to finish your cowl -- by sewing on snaps and "mock" buttons instead. Choose the way you prefer to finish your cowl (either buttons or snaps). You will learn an easy and professional method to sew on your snaps, as used in the fashion industry.

This pattern is a quick and easy knit since it uses a super bulky yarn, and makes the perfect gift! You'll want to knit this pattern over and over again.


Mossy Cowl Pattern Class

Learn to knit the Mossy Cowl Pattern by following this step-by-step pattern class.

$15.00 USD