Christine Kim Studio Classes

A suite of classes to turn you into a master knitter.

More classes coming soon!


Knitting for Beginners

Knitting for Beginners is a comprehensive online class that will take you from an absolute beginner to knitting scarv...

$49.00 USD

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Mossy Cowl Pattern Class

Learn to Knit the Mossy Cowl Knitting Pattern in this online class. This class takes you step-by-step through each st...

$15.00 USD

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Feather and Fan Pattern Class

Learn to knit this lace Feather and Fan Knitting Pattern in this class! If you are a beginner or new to knitting lac...

$15.00 USD

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Textured Ribbed Scarf Pattern Class

Learn to knit this Textured Ribbed Scarf pattern in this class! This is a great pattern to knit up for a twist on th...

$15.00 USD

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Staghorn Cable Headband Pattern Class

Follow along in this class and learn to knit this Staghorn Cable Headband with step by step video lessons! PDF of the...

$15.00 USD

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Intro to Knitting

New to knitting? Learn to knit your very first scarf! Perfect for absolute beginners or if you need a little refre...

$20.00 USD

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Here's What You'll Learn To Become An Amazing Knitter

Knitting Supplies

Get to know all the specialized tools that knitters use and how to use them.

All About Yarn

Find out what yarn to use to get the best result in your project.

Knitting Techniques

Master the knitting fundamentals so you can knit like a pro.

Got a Problem?

Fix any problem and troubleshoot your knitting. No stress.

Learn To Read Patterns

Find a pattern you like? Learn to read and follow patterns.

Fancy Stitch Patterns

Learn how to knit different stitch patterns and expand your world of knitting.